Le Millionaire Bazin Brocade - from Middlesex Textiles London
LMBP023-A - Le Millionaire Brocade PLUS (5 Meters)

LMBP023-A - Le Millionaire Brocade PLUS (5 Meters)

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Le Millionaire Bazin

★✰★ PLUS Edition ★✰★

100% Cotton De Luxe
Manufactured In Europe

Bazin Brocade PLUS EDITION
Specially produced with SUPER SOFT COTTON.

Softer than our standard Le Millionaire Brocade.
Very Fashionable modern while traditional West African inspired fabric designed for both Men and Women.

Length = 5 Meters (5.46 yards)
Width =  160 cm (63/64 inches)

Made from 100% fine Egyptian Cotton.

Durable yet soft to the touch textured fabric. Designed, produced and crafted by the finest manufacturers of Bazin Riche textiles and being made from the finest cotton yarns available, Le Millionaire shadda is both luxurious and incredibly comfortable to wear. Both soft and breathable, thus greatly reducing sweat and allowing the wearer to enjoy the experience of adorning this most sumptuous fabric. Designed especially for Africans with elegant motifs and rich colours consequently making it perfect for those truly special occasions as well as suitable for stylish casual wear. Le Millionaire is simply the finest Bazin Brocade yet.

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Length:    5 yards, 460cm

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