VBB240 - VEBA Salsa Bazin Brocade - Turquoise Blue (5 Meters)
VBB240 - VEBA Salsa Bazin Brocade - Turquoise Blue (5 Meters)

VBB240 - VEBA Salsa Bazin Brocade - Turquoise Blue (5 Meters)

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Veba SALSA Bazin Brocade by

★✰★ Qualité Supérieure ★✰★
100% Cotton De Luxe Made In Europe

Veba Salsa Bazin Brocade Qualité Supérieure Very Fashionable modern while traditional West African inspired fabric designed for both Men and Women.

Length = 5 Meters (5.47 yards)
Width =  160 cm (63 inches)

Made from 100% fine Egyptian Cotton.

Durable yet soft to the touch textured fabric. Elegant motifs and colours consequently making it perfect for casual and occasional wear.

Disclaimer as per our Terms & Conditions Please note that photos are for illustration purposes and may appear to differ slightly from actual Item in terms of colour due to your monitor’s display settings. We do our utmost to represent items as accurately as possible.

 Company VEBA is a traditional producer of jacquard woven cotton fabrics. It is in this segment that VEBA ranks amongst the most important manufacturers in the world. The company concentrates on the production of clothing and household textiles. State-of-the art textile technology of today is used and nearly 90% of its products are exported, mainly to Africa, Europe and North America. Top designers give VEBA products a high aesthetic quality in tune with today´s global trends.

Africa wears VEBA …..

VEBA developed African brocade mainly for the African continent. This is a unique jacquard product based on an extremely densely-set cotton fabric. As a result, we produce a rich fabric made from the finest yarns of Egyptian cotton. Part of the company know-how are African motives, specific bindings and above all special finishes. The combination of which decides about the success of the offer and the position of the brocade in the market. The development of special finishes is a strong feature of the technology of company VEBA even in comparison with the highest competition. Veba Salsa gives the customer an experience of high class fashion. Veba uses advanced technology that develops a special finish to create a very shiny and comfortable Bazin brocade.


Length:    5 yards, 460cm

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