LTD477-GLD - Swiss Voile Lace, Made In Austria - Gold
LTD477-GLD - Swiss Voile Lace, Made In Austria - Gold
LTD477-GLD - Swiss Voile Lace, Made In Austria - Gold f
LTD477-GLD - Swiss Voile Lace, Made In Austria - Gold z

LTD477-GLD - Swiss Voile Lace, Made In Austria - Gold

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Voile Lace ~ Made In Austria

Limited Edition

 High Quality Voile Lace. Very Fashionable modern while traditional West African inspired fabric. Length = 5 yards (4.5M) Width = 50 inches (127cm) Made from 100% fine cotton. Soft textured cotton fabric. Elegant designs and beautiful colours consequently making it perfect for casual and occasional wear. All making the High Quality Voile Lace garment the go to item for the style conscious today.

Disclaimer as per our Terms & Conditions Please note that photos are for illustration purposes and may appear to differ slightly from actual Item in terms of colour due to your monitor’s display settings. We do our utmost to represent items as accurately as possible.

When seeking Elegence, Glamour with that statement of Class. Nothing in West African Fashion tops a High Quality Lace. Laces come in all kinds of materials and styles, most of which go in and out of fashion in a periodic merry-go-round. Yet one is an ever-present that continuously transcends fashion or fads. That fabric is the magnificent Voile Lace! At Middlesex Textiles, the Voile Lace has always been regarded the star in our vast line-up of West African textiles and fabrics. Constantly sourcing the finest designs with a keen eye on originality, colour, quality, detail and value.

Available in a wide range of styles and with a variety of further embellishments from Lurex embroidery, beautiful stones or intricate borders all added to a body of fabric rich already either in intricate and subtle embroidery work or bold motifs designed to grab the attention. Our Laces are commonly suitable for both Ladies and Gentlemen. Regardless of the current fashion or trends, you can never go wrong with a beautiful Voile Lace.


Length:    5 yards, 460cm

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