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JSW171 - Julius Super Wax - EXCLUSIVE
JSW171 - Julius Super Wax - EXCLUSIVE
JSW171 - Julius Super Wax - EXCLUSIVE z

JSW171 - Julius Super Wax EXCLUSIVE!

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Length of fabric: 5 yards, 460cm

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Julius Holland Super Wax Exclusive Limited Edition b Guaranteed Wax Block Prints

Julius Holland Super Wax. Exclusive design. Limited Edition. Very Fashionable modern while traditional West African inspired fabric. Length = 6 yards (5.4M) Width = 47 inches (120cm) Made primarily from fine cotton. Soft to the touch textured fabric. Elegant patterns and striking beautiful colours consequently making it perfect for casual and occasional wear. All making the Julius Holland Super Wax garment especially relevant today.


Established in 2002. Julius Holland is a luxury African wax print brand. Made for modern women and men from all over the world. Focused on those who are curious, sophisticated and fashion-oriented. But also with a strong sense of identity, personal vision and respect for traditions. Julius Holland is a brand of Jansen-Naninck. Trading since 1935 we are a family business of more than three generations. With our long standing experience in the African fashion market, we aim for the highest level of quality and tasteful designs.

Our own teams do everything in-house. From first sketches of a new pattern, choice of colour ranges, as well as fabric and finish. Our goal is to get the best price/quality ratio wax prints.

Julius Holland is designed for our clients around the world. It is unique in its own right by using our personal sense and well established experience to create beautiful prints. Julius Holland is made for everyone and every day. We love to see women and men dress themselves in our beautiful fabrics. Mixing various designs in endlessly new and highly individual creations.


Length:    5 yards, 460cm

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