LPB029 – Veba Luxury Printed Brocade
LPB029 – Luxury Printed Brocade z

LPB029 – Veba Luxury Printed Brocade (5 yards)

Colour Displayed: Shipping calculated on checkout Length of fabric: 5 yards, 460cm


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LPB029 - Luxury Printed Brocade zLuxury Printed Brocade by Veba

VEBA standard color
Made In the EU, Czech Republic

Luxury Printed Brocade Produced by Veba
Very Fashionable modern while traditional West African inspired fabric designed primarily for Women.
Length = 5 yards (4.57M)
Width = 57 inches (144cm)
Made from 100% fine Egyptian Cotton.
Durable yet soft to the touch textured fabric.
Elegant motifs and colours consequently making it perfect for casual and occasional wear.



5 yards, 460cm