SLG062 – Silk George – GL – Gold Main

SLG062 – Silk George Wrapper – GL – Gold

Colour Displayed: Gold Shipping calculated on checkout Length of fabric: 5 yards, 460cm


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Silk George Wrapper

Highest Quality Silk George Wrapper.
Very Fashionable modern while traditional West African inspired fabric.
Length = 5 yards (4.5M)
Fine and soft textured fabric, primarily from silk.
Elegant designs and beautiful colours consequently making it perfect for casual and occasional wear.
All making the George garment the go to item for the style conscious today.

Available in a wide range of styles and with a variety of further embellishments from Lurex embroidery, beautiful stones or intricate borders. All added to a body of fabric rich already either in intricate and subtle embroidery work or bold motifs designed to grab the attention.



5 yards, 460cm