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Middlesex Textiles have access to the most renowned factories in Austria and Switzerland who produce the finest West African fabrics and Textiles exclusively for Middlesex Textiles. If you are looking for high quality Swiss voile lace fabrics you have come to the right place.We are extremely proud of the fact that we have Swiss Voile lace designs exclusively prepared for Middlesex Textiles and our clients can seek comfort in knowing that the Swiss Voile lace and French Oraganza laces that they buy from Middlesex Textiles can rarely be found anywhere else in the world.We have a dedicated design team who constantly strive in providing the finest and the most unique Swiss Voile lace and French Organza designs available today.  Members of our design teams frequently travel to Nigeria Ghana and The Gambia to collaborate with the local communities for inspiration. It is only from leasing with the locals that we at Middlesex Textiles get a true sense of what the west African public are looking for with regards to fabrics colours and patterns. So weather your from the UK, Europe USA or beyond, we are extremely passionate about bringing you unique and authentic Swiss Voile and French Net laces designs that you can use for your special occasion.

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